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RIEH Financial. is a financial institution, specialized in money transmission for businesses who trade internationally and for those who provide financial services to them.

RIEH Financial. can improve your financial performance as well as your customers relationships by allowing you to trade in the currency of their choice. In this regard, the assistance provided by our team will also allow the increase of international business by reducing the risks, the associated costs and the delays in the international payment process.



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Rapid Transaction

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No extra cost

your supplier/customer will receive the exact amount of money you transfer

Online Service

We stripe to provide our customer with the best quality and value through our inline service for an effective check of their funds continually



The basis of know your client (KYC) is to demonstrate that the individuals attached to the application (signatory, beneficial owner, directors, etc) exist. Simply put, KYC is to demonstrate that the applicant(s) are, who they state they are and they reside where they state they reside. For every account as well as requiring certified ID and certified proof of residence (as mentioned above), such as a utility bill, land-line telephone bill, dated within the last 3 months of the application date. Bank stataments or mobile or mobile telephone bills are not accepted as a valid proof of residence. We will also often call you by telephone and/or Skype to ask for a face to face interview as a way of verifying your identity.



Please kindly note that in order to open an account with us, some essential documentation will be required. For every corporate account, our clients must provide us with Certified ID and Proof of Residence for the account signatory, directors and shareholders. In addition, we also need proof that the signatory is entitled to open the account and manage the funds of the company, such as a Power of Attorney or a Board Resolution.


As must be expected, the Certificate of Incorporation will also be required as well as all supporting registration documents, as per the jurisdiction where the company is based, and which shows that the company is legitimately incorporated and currently active. We should also know who the ultimate beneficial owner(s) are and have the documentation to support this. All documents must be certified by a notary, qualified accountant, lawyer, bank officer or police officer. We must also have sufficient details to be able to contact the certifier to confirm that they are qualified and have carried out the certification.


We will often ask you to justify why transactions are being made, and demonstrate the economic basis of the payment. This may be done via telephone and/or by email. You should be prepared to provide us with invoices, purchase orders, delivery notes, contracts and any other documentary evidence that show the transactions that are being made have a verifiable economic basis. We reserve the right to contact the other parties involved for confirmation of the legitimacy of the transaction we have requested further information on.

SSL Secutiry

refer to a standard security technology for establishing an encrypted link between a server and a client

Push and mail notification system

our notification system will allow you to know what is happening with your funds on a permanent basis

Personal Relationship

by keeping a close relationship with our customers, in RIEH FINANCIAL, we ensure that we know the profile of each one of our clients in order to be able to satisfy their needs and diverse demand to obtain successful international business transactions.


Foreign Exchange

Removing or reducing the cost of currency exchange

Foreign Exchange Protection

Removing or reducing your risk of loss on exchange

Rapid Transfers

Regardless of currency, incoming funds are credited to your account quickly secure


increasing security by ensuring our clients that they know as quickly as possible when payments are made or when funds are available

IBAN Creation

creation of IBAN’s (international bank account number) for the receipt of international payment that increase efficiency and security. The IBAN also reduce costs

Online Service

We stripe to provide our customer with the best quality and value through our inline service for an effective check of their funds continually


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