Information Technology Industry Factoring

Information Technology Industry Factoring

The technology industry is integrated into all of our lives. From manufacturing to supply chains, consulting, IT staffing, contract services, and more, we rely on the technology sector to keep commerce and our personal lives moving. The IT sector relies on cash flow to be able to deliver solutions and grow into new markets. If tech firms and consultants are dealing with unpaid invoices, they cannot cover the costs to keep operations running and work can grind to a halt.

Rieh Financial specializes in accounts receivable factoring for the technology industry. We convert unpaid invoices to cash in order to boost cash flow so technology businesses can thrive and grow in a competitive marketplace. Learn more about the advantages of factoring in the technology and information technology industry.

Eliminate Staggered Payment Schedules

In a world where commerce occurs at an ever-increasing pace, staggered payment schedules remain constant. IT businesses and contractors still issue invoices with payment schedules of 30, 60, and even 90 days. These staggered schedules can cause gaps in revenue because customers will wait a month or longer to submit payments.

Rieh Financial unlocks the revenue tied up in unpaid receivables by turning invoices into cash and making funds available within 24 hours. Information technology factoring is a transparent process that does not place any debt on the balance sheet, so businesses can preserve their credit ratings and grow their capital reserves. IT factoring services from Rieh Financial features:

The Benefits of Information Technology Factoring

Information technology factoring needs to be fast, accessible, and transparent to meet the needs of IT businesses. Rieh Financial goes above and beyond traditional factoring companies by offering fast access to funds from invoices, no long-term contracts, and no hidden fees.

Additionally, we believe technology businesses, contractors, and consultants should have full autonomy over which invoices or parts of invoices get factored. Our factoring services are designed to boost cash flow and provide the working capital necessary to cover overhead and build up capital reserves for research, development, and business growth. IT factoring services from New Century Financial offer such benefits as:

Optimize Cash Flow for Your IT Business Today

Rieh Financial works with technology businesses, IT consultants, and more to provide customized factoring solutions. Whether you are waiting on outstanding payments for an IT contract, want to right size cash flow issues for your tech firm, or if you want to accelerate cash flow for growth projects, contact the team at Rieh Financial today.

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Factoring is Simple and Easy