Manufacturing Industry Factoring

Manufacturing Industry Factoring

Manufacturers throughout the country need a strong cash flow to keep operations running and to grow successfully. Purchasing materials, meeting payroll, negotiating with suppliers, working with logistics companies, marketing, trade shows – all of these things require capital.

If manufacturers are waiting 30 to 90 days to receive payment on invoices, cash flow can be thrown off balance, which places a big strain on finances. At Rieh Financial, we provide accounts receivable factoring to boost cash flow for manufacturers and other services so they can thrive and grow without waiting on staggered payment schedules.

Why Manufacturers Use Accounts Receivable Factoring

Accounts receivable factoring gives manufacturers the ability to convert open invoices to cash quickly and efficiently. Instead of waiting a month or longer, Rieh Financial will exchange receivables for cash within 24 hours, providing manufacturers with the fast access to capital they urgently need to:

Accounts receivable factoring services from Rieh Financial offers a number of benefits to manufacturers of all sizes, including:

Reduce the Need for Debt-Based Financing

Factoring invoices through Rieh Financial provides manufacturers with off-balance sheet capital. Because our services are fast and efficient, manufacturers can supercharge their cash flow and quickly build up capital reserves for growth. Accounts receivable factoring allows manufacturers to reduce the need for traditional debt-based loans while simultaneously preserving their credit ratings.

New Century Financial has years of experience working with manufacturers to create working capital solutions tailored to their needs, so they can reach their goals without taking on unnecessary debt. Unlike other factoring companies, we believe flexibility is the key to success. Because of this, we place you in the driver’s seat. There are no contracts, no hidden fees, and you can choose which invoices you want to factor depending on your immediate needs and which milestones you want to reach.

Reduce the Need for Debt-Based Financing

Rieh Financial is a leader in accounts receivable factoring companies for manufacturers. Whether your manufacturing business is just getting started, if you are positioning your company for growth, or if you simply want to accelerate your cash flow, we can help.

When you use services from Rieh Financial, you will get an account manager who will work with you directly to create a solution tailored to your needs. Contact our offices today to get started, and see for yourself why manufacturers prefer accounts receivable factoring from Rieh Financial.

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