Service Factoring

Service Factoring

The service industry covers a variety of businesses, ranging from cleaning services to tech contractors, infrastructure, logistics, transportation, entertainment, and much more. To perform their duties, service companies require supplies, staff, transportation, technology, and other resources. Many service companies find themselves stretched to the limits, due to gaps in revenue from unpaid invoices.

At  Rieh Financial, we free up the revenue locked behind unpaid receivables with our comprehensive service company financing services. No longer do businesses in the service industry have to wait 30, 60, or 90 days to access revenue, because we specialize in converting unpaid invoices into cash quickly and efficiently. Learn more about how service factoring works.

Leverage Receivables for Cash

When service companies experience cash flow strains due to unpaid invoices, they often turn to short-term loans to smooth over uneven revenue cycles. However, taking out loans places debt on the balance sheet and lowers credit ratings. If outstanding customer payments are a recurring issue, then short-term loans can easily place a service company in dire straits.

Accounts Receivable Financing Made Easy for Service Companies

Service companies face challenges when they need financing. Without tangible products or large assets, service companies experience higher than average turndowns. At the same time, many service companies would rather avoid debt if possible.

Rieh Financial offers an accessible, flexible, fast, and debt-free solution with our accounts receivable financing services. Our accounts receivable factoring services offer a wide range of benefits to service companies, including:

Comprehensive Factoring Solutions for Service Companies

Rieh Financial specializes in service company financing through accounts receivable factoring solutions, providing service companies with the flexibility they need and the transparency they demand. Our service company factoring services have no hidden fees, no long-term contracts, and service companies can choose which invoices or parts of invoices to sell.

Whether you need to improve cash flow, smooth out uneven revenue cycles, or if you simply want to get caught up on outstanding receivables, Rieh Financial is here to help. Our team will work with you to understand your needs so we can start converting your unpaid receivables into cash, so you can access funds from those invoices within 24 hours. To get started, contact the factoring experts at Rieh Financial today.

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Factoring is Simple and Easy