Staffing Industry Factoring

Staffing Industry Factoring

Staffing agencies of all types provide the labor and experts who are vital to the success of businesses spanning all industries in the United States. Retaining qualified people can be difficult when the companies using your services are paying their invoices on a 30, 60, or 90 day schedule.

Relying on a staggered payment schedule can cause operations to grind to a halt. Instead of allowing staggered payment schedules to place a major strain on cash flow and internal finances, Rieh Financial provides a quick and easy cash-flow solution for staffing companies by providing immediate access to cash through invoice factoring.

The Benefits of Factoring for Staffing Agencies

Invoice factoring, or accounts receivable financing, allows staffing agencies to turn open invoices to cash. This means staffing agencies can make payroll, court new and larger client accounts, and grow into new markets. Instead of waiting on your clients to pay their invoices, Rieh Financial will convert your unpaid receivables to cash within 24 hours. Our factoring services for staffing companies offer a wide range of benefits, including:

Payroll Funding

Staffing agencies need to pay their existing workers, plus spend time and other resources to find people to fill specialized roles for other contracts. When staggered payment schedules cause a disruption in cash flow, staffing agencies often rely on short-term loans to get back on track. However, taking on debt is not the answer for a problem that can occur multiple times, further down the road.

Instead of racking up financial liabilities, staffing agencies turn to invoice factoring as a solution. Because Rieh Financial converts unpaid receivables to cash within 24 hours, staffing agencies can preserve their credit ratings and stop relying on debt-based financing to overcome cash flow issues.

Accounts Receivable Financing for All Staffing Agencies

At Rieh Financial, we understand that there are many types of staffing agencies serving every industry. We work directly with staffing agencies of every kind, providing comprehensive staffing invoice factoring for services such as:

Factoring for Staffing Companies Solutions Tailored to Your Needs

Staffing agencies face unique challenges and they have different goals to reach. Our staff at Rieh Financial have the experience and depth of knowledge to work with your agency directly to create a solution tailored to your specific needs. Whether you are simply trying to make payroll or if you have plans to branch out into new markets, we can help.

Our working capital solutions ensure your business is not dependent on short-term loans or spending resources tracking unsettled accounts with your clients. Our goal is to help improve and streamline your cash flow so you can focus on recruiting people, taking on new clients, and growing your business.

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